Jaco Pastorius – New Album Release

What a great day! I never thought I’d see another Jaco Pastorius release, I know there was a recent Weather Report album featuring Jaco (produced by Peter Erskine), but I never thought there was more music out there, especially the Word Of Mouth big band… and boy am I excited for it!

I attached the video above with all the details about the new album. It looks so good. I really can’t wait to hear it and see the booklet – apparently a 100 page booklet with pics and essays of Jaco and the band. I don’t ‘fan-boy’ for much, but the Jaco stuff is really exciting. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

To celebrate, I’ve embedded a version of Jaco’s ‘Reza’ – that I performed and recorded in 2007 for my graduation recital. This version features a particularly burning solo by Troy Roberts and the band captures a pretty killer groove, it was a fun night!