Bach Two-Part Invention No.8


This one goes out to my first ever bass teacher – Graham Bell. When I was a student, I was a huge pain in the ass. Mr Bell would be in one day a week at my school and I would wait for him to arrive at school in the morning, I’d help him with his gear whilst talking his ear off about Jaco-this or Weather Report-that, I would then have my lesson some time during the day, then if I could, I would help him with his gear back to the car; all the whilst talking nonstop about music and bass. I started bass when I was in year 11 and have never looked back!

I first learned the bottom part of this invention thanks to Mr Bell but I don’t think I ever actually managed to master it whilst I was at school, so I’ve never actually played the piece in it’s two-parts with anyone. So this week I found the sheet music online, sat down and learned the top half and figured I would record both parts using the Acapella App. I think it turned out pretty good. I definitely had fun putting it together and there are some seriously tricky lines in there!? My goal is to keep working on it and re-record it in a year and see if it’s any cleaner.

Anyway, there’s a little insight into the madness that was my childhood. ENJOY!

First Vlog Ever!


Welcome to my first ever VLOG! We’ve done all sorts of shenanigans with RavenEye but I’ve never thought to film any of my own journeys around the country to gigs.

This video was taken last year on my last gig of 2016 with Oli Brown’s Blues Band in Farnham. Was a really fun show and a cool little day trip, well 7 hours drive later!

Check it out! Leave a comment, leave a like and share away 🙂 ENJOY!


Avishwhy? Live @ The Ellington

Rock Summer 25, Estonia - Photo by Heather Shaw

When I was home in Perth earlier this year I was lucky enough to put together a killer band to play some of my jazz tunes at The Ellington Jazz Club. I managed to record a few of those tunes on my GoPro and so have put them up on YouTube.

I love playing this music. This is where I started. I wanted to play like Jaco Pastorius, but then I wanted to WRITE like Jaco. After a long time getting close to my idol, I think I veered off into writing like me and whilst I don’t get many chances to play my jazz tunes, it’s the most amazing feeling when I do.

So check out the Avishwhy? and leave a comment!

I Want To Break Free

Check out the latest cover song I’ve posted to my YouTube Channel. It’s my absolute fave – I Want To Break Free by Queen.

When I first moved to the UK, I wanted to check out more songs from the UK and this one always blew me away. The official video clip for this is hilarious, with the guys all dressed up as house wives, but I always thought the song was gorgeous, I hope I get some of that across!

ShipRocked 2017


RavenEye will be off to a blazing start to 2017 with our first booking at ShipRocked off Miami in the USA! We cannot wait to play in the USA again, and to play this cruise is kind of a dream come true.

The line-up is insane and promises to be a fun place to hang and take in the sun… not that I will need it, I will be flying straight from Australia to Miami!



Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.47.05

I’ve been loving this new app! Acapella has given me a cool little platform to piece songs together and generally have fun playing… with myself! From the comfort of my bedroom!

If you feel like keeping up to date with all my musical shenanigans, please had over to my YouTube channel and hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

Ellington Perth Show

Rock Summer 25, Estonia - Photo by Heather Shaw

Oh boy, I’m so stoked to be playing in Perth with the home town cats in January 2017, I can’t wait to put on a killer show for my friends and family, who I haven’t seen in over two years.

We’re playing at the Ellington Jazz Club on Thursday the 5th of Jan. Tickets are available here:

I’m playing with an amazing local band including Ricki Mallet – Trumpet, Dan Hart – Tenor Saxophone, Harry Mitchell – Piano and Ben Vanderwal – Drums. I’ve never performed in a quintet line-up before, so I’m looking forward to some fresh sounds and balls to the wall energy!!

John Mayer – New


I’ve been loving the musical snippets that John Mayer has been leaking on Instagram lately. If you follow him, you’ll see clips of him playing guitar, jamming out a solo or even, as he did recently, a one-minute preview of his new song Love On The Weekend (which is well and truly available on itunes or spotify or wherever you digest music). The production sounds pristine!

There are even rumours that he’s getting the DREAM TEAM back together, namely Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan!! They all appeared together on Jimmy Fallon a few days ago. I would pretty much sell my life to see that show! I saw him last a few years back in London and it was an incredible show, he has so many AMAZING songs and always plays with a world class band.

I was going to post a clip of his newest song Love On The Weekend but writing about him reminded me of a cover he did of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games a few years back and so I’ve decided to post a clip of that instead. Check it out, it is so good!

Keep On Keepin’ On – Clark Terry Doco

As I started my musical journey on the trumpet, I’ve always had a soft spot for trumpet players and one that influenced me in the early days was Clark Terry. I recently watched a documentary on NetFlix called Keep On Keepin’ On and it was a really beautiful film. It was amazing to see all the clips of Clark as a young man absolutely killing it with Oscar Peterson or Quincy Jones. It was also inspiring to see him in his 70’s still teaching and inspiring kids studying jazz, to get better and better. I encourage you to watch the doco, there are some teary moments but it will give you an insight into the life a true jazz great!

Clark Terry, what an absolute LEGEND! 

Below is a clip of CT playing with Oscar Peterson, they play a version of Mack The Knife… probably one of the swingingest versions I’ve EVER heard!

Happy Birthday Jaco Pastorius

promoted-media_55cd435c13a73Today in the bass world and all around the world, we celebrate Jaco Pastorius’ birthday! He would have been 65 years old this year. What a tragedy that the world lost Jaco all those years ago. What incredible music he would have been making now.

I recently saw the official Jaco Documentary produced by Metallica’s Robert Trujillo and what a masterpiece! It perfectly captures the inspiration that Jaco encompasses for many bass players around the world. The film was full of Jaco’s musical energy as a composer and performer and truly highlights what he did for music in his short recording career.

The film also delves into his years of addiction and tragic death. Although there are important lessons to be learned in those years of Jaco’s life, I tend to focus on his early years of seemingly boundless creativity and musical prowess, which influences me still. If you get a chance to see the doco, it is well worth it! Jaco Pastorius is the single most important music influence on my playing and writing.