We Made It!

I’m so incredibly stoked! I made my funding goal twice over all thanks to guys getting on board. I was so nervous about the project but you guys took that worry away in the first 36 hours!

I can’t wait to get into producing all this swag for you all and sending it out over the next month. Nothing like a graph to make you feel good right? Below is how the funding took place, thanks to everyone that kept coming even after my goal was reached, I’m just glad to be able to make some killer stuff for you all!


I have two days left of my kickstarter campaign! I’m so incredibly humbled and thrilled to have made it this far already, but this is my last push to make the project as successful as possible!

Please share this page and get involved! THANKS!

158% Funded!

It seems the KickStarter just continued to grow over the weekend. 158% funded now!

It’s so overwhelming to think the 50 people from all over the world checked out and supported the music I’m putting out into the world, and that is a beautiful thing.

I had this preconceived nothing that because the last few years I’ve been focusing on RavenEye so heavily that people wouldn’t necessarily jump on board with a project that is so vastly different but I was so totally wrong! People from all over the world have just jumped in and supported me in the most incredible way.

I’m truly humbled. Thank you all.

84% In 24 Hours!

Wow! I almost can’t believe it. I was almost paralysed with fear to NOT pre-release my album on KickStarter because I didn’t think it would make it but it seems I underestimated my friends from all over the world.

Thanks to everyone that has gotten involved with this project. It’s really special to me to be able to put out music that I love and you’ve all enabled me!

The race isn’t over yet though, still 15% to get and then I’m on the home stretch!

Thanks everyone! I love you 🙂

New Jazz Album KickStarter!

Greetings everyone! Today is a great day!

Check out the KICK-STARTER HERE!

I’m launching a KickStarter to launch a new Jazz album titled ‘Play Your Own Way.’ It features all my fave Perth musicians and is an album I’m super proud of! Head over and check out the awesome rewards you can snap up to be a part of my crazy awesome project.

The music is recorded and ready to go, I just need your support to get the production of the CD’s and the NEW TSHIRTS pressed but why not head over to the page and see for yourself? I made a ridiculous video for your entertainment too…

Thanks in advance to any and all that get involved. Send me a message if you have any questions. Otherwise, GET INVOLVED PEOPLE!


I’m back!


I’m back! I’ve finally adjusted to being home from tour and finally getting some work done… in amongst catching up on Game Of Thrones and watching my Youtube channels… I’m back into it.

I was struggling with jet lag for a few days, unlike any I’ve been hit with before, so being a bit of a zombie for a week was pretty strange.

What’s coming up? Well, RavenEye has Reading and Leeds festival coming up this weekend so I’ll be heading back up into the thick of it with rehearsals, festivals, the Floyd/McGregor fight on Sunday woop woop, then back home after the weekend.

We have a lot of prep coming up for our tour with Bush starting at the end of September, so it’s time to get back into practice and working out so I’m in tip top shape for the month on the road. I’ll keep you updated.

If you didn’t get a chance to see what RavenEye got up to in the USA, check out our very short little clip that’s on YouTube – man I miss it so much already!

Photo curtesy of Drew Ormrod.

RavenEye UK Tour Supporting Hellyeah – Manchester

Check out our video of the Hell Yeah support tour in Manchester!

Jaco Pastorius – New Album Release

What a great day! I never thought I’d see another Jaco Pastorius release, I know there was a recent Weather Report album featuring Jaco (produced by Peter Erskine), but I never thought there was more music out there, especially the Word Of Mouth big band… and boy am I excited for it!

I attached the video above with all the details about the new album. It looks so good. I really can’t wait to hear it and see the booklet – apparently a 100 page booklet with pics and essays of Jaco and the band. I don’t ‘fan-boy’ for much, but the Jaco stuff is really exciting. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

To celebrate, I’ve embedded a version of Jaco’s ‘Reza’ – that I performed and recorded in 2007 for my graduation recital. This version features a particularly burning solo by Troy Roberts and the band captures a pretty killer groove, it was a fun night!


Afrique was the first tune I ever wrote. I was really into the music of Jaco Pastorius (I still am!) and Afrique’s melody jumped into my head and wouldn’t go away! I wrote it when I was at university in Australia and have performed it in lots of different line-ups but is always fun to play.

You can hear a studio version of this song over at my BANDCAMP page if you’re interested – this YouTube version of Afrique was recorded on my last trip to Australia and features some killer players!

As always, ENJOY!



Incredible news from the RavenEye camp… we’re touring Europe with KISS!

From the RavenEye Facebook: “We are beyond excited to announce that this May, we will be supporting KISS for their European tour!

We’ve spent the last week losing our minds comprehending this incredible news and have been dying to share this with you all.

Ravens, thank you so much for your growing love and support through all this madness! It’s been such a phenomenal ride so far and we’re beyond grateful for every opportunity you’ve helped drive us towards.

A huge thank you to all our team for making this insane dream come true and thanks to Tom Pratt for the photo.

This May the madness starts!!”