Welcome to the home of Aaron Spiers Arranging Services (ASAS).

ASAS offers a range of services to fit your needs as a band director or MD: from high quality record transcriptions to original arrangements and compositions customised to fit your ensemble. Aaron writes for funk, jazz, rock and for any line-up from jazz quartet, to big band to symphony orchestra.

Aaron has written for, among others, Australian artists John Williamson, Marina Prior, Kate Ceberano and the Australian Army Band. Aaron also regularly writes for Perth-based jazz groups The Libby Hammer Nine, Perth Cabaret Collective and The Cottontail Trio.

Contact Aaron through the contact page for details of his rates.

You can view the sample scores of what you can expect below as well as some big band recordings of Aaron’s arrangements.


It took me years to find the most awesome chart-writer in the world. Now I have found him I will never let him go, and I’m not even afraid of sharing him with others, so efficient is he! When I first decided to throw open my chart-writing jobs to a pool of arrangers, I created an online file-sharing task list and Aaron Spiers had finished writing the charts BEFORE any of the other arrangers had even accepted their invitations to the folder (about three days). Now I just send everything straight to Aaron. If he’s busy, or touring, he lets me know straight away and gives me an ETA on the charts. The charts arrive as Sibelius files and as neat PDF parts with no mistakes and lots of lovely detail. When I ask him to alter a chart there’s no problem at all. Our rehearsals run so quickly now; we read the chart down and that’s it! His prices are more than reasonable, he’s fast and I don’t know if you’ve ever met him, but he is a very cool guy. He is human gold. I mean it. – Libby Hammer (Jazz Singer)

Aaron writes a variety of charts for me for a few different bands, with different line ups. Some of the recordings we work from are from the 1930s and difficult to hear parts for, which makes writing the charts very difficult, but Aaron’s arrangements are always of excellent quality. – Jessie James Gordon (Jazz Singer)